Fridays. The best day of the week, excluding weekend of course. This is the day that signifies the end of another hectic work week. The day when you can stay out longer before heading home, and sometimes you dont even care what time you arrive home (either it is still Friday or if it is already a Saturday), because there’s no work tomorrow. It is the perfect time to expose everything and vent out for how hectic/ tiring/ dragging week that was.

Friday for me is always the icing on top of my red velvet cupcake. It is the perfect time to have dinner with friends, shop a little bit, stroll anywhere, have coffee or simply have a great conversation with friends (and dont forget: laugh all you want). Eventhough the entire week was a drag, I really wonder what’s with Friday that it still make me smile, laugh and simply enjoy it. I managed to still have enough energy saved for Friday.

As for this particular Friday, I had a nice dinner with my work friends on a pizza bistro near our office. As usual, some very interesting things have been exposed. I will not go through it here because some are too personal and doesnt even involve me at all. Though some are just so plain hilarious that I cant help but smile and grin up until this moment when I remember those funny things. After that very loud dinner, we moved to our favorite coffee house. We learned to play a new “shallow” game: we think of someone we know that resembles the person who happened to pass our table. We even had this very weird agreement that we will not go home until a stranger will walk-by who look like one of our co-worker. That’s quite a challenge since that particular officemate is so unique in her own way. After like laughing, talking and playing that game for almost 2 hours, we finally gave in and decided to go home instead. Well that was my Friday. Hope you enjoyed the start of the weekend as much as I did.

Here’s my tweet just like hours/ minutes ago.


And I think that this would be the perfect time to be productive and work more on my blog. Since, I have some inspiration for my blog entries.

I will be working now on my next entry: Exposures: What I Wore.


Lastly, I love Fridays because it makes me look back on my week and appreciate the week it was.

Just a thought: Do someone really watch “Nikita”? I am so random right? 😉

Till the next pose & post!

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