It Is All About Defense Mechanism

“When stressed, what do you usually do?”

It is just a very random thought I had earlier and I came to think as well what do I usually do when I am stressed. Do you count taking photos of yourself ( camwhoring ) as a defense mechanism for stress? My gosh, nursing days. We used to name and categorize the different defense mechanism. Does eating, binge eating, work for me? I dont think so.

Why be stressed to a certain thins/ scenario/ person when there are a lot of things to focus your attention to. Take a gorgeous pic of yourself in your outfit for the day. Drink milktea. Talk and laugh with friends. Blog a lot. Enjoy writing. Listen to great music.

By the way, did I just said that the last paragraph was all about my take on defense mechanism?

Before I end this post, of course I will not forego this chance to post an OOTD ~ Outfit Of The Day. I am wearing a Topman bleached jeans with a G2000 purple long sleeves rolled into my antecubittal. Leather belt from SM Accessories. No fancy accesories, perfect for a midweek (perfectly boring day ) office attire.


Did I say before that I will try my best to post a review for Will.I.Am’s album ‘#WillPower”? I am starting to work on my draft on that entry. So hopefully, I will be able to finish it and post it very soon. Let me just share a few early faves: Love Bullets, Gettin Dumb, Great Times Are Coming and Fall Down. I’ve noticed that majority of the songs have a featuring artist(s).

Till the next pose & post!

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