If All Your Clothes Are In The Laundry, A Basic Printed Tee & Black Leggings Will Save You

Wow. That’s quite a title for a blog entry.


But believe it or not, it is so true. Black leggings have been a staple in my closet. I remember a famous designer once said that leggings should be banned ( Was it Muiccia Prada who said that or Tommy Hilfiger, I cant remember anymore. I just read it somewhere in twitter a long time ago ). Anyways, I am a fan of leggings. It’s comfy, easy to wear especially if you wake up late and dont know what to wear, leggings are always my to go to saviour. The secret in wearing leggings, in just my humble opinion, is to wear loose top. That is to contradict the effect of slimness at the bottom part and have some sort of balance to your ensemble.

My first encounter with leggings are those Japanese – Harajuku street style. I am a fan of Japanese culture and fashion, and it is a big influence on my personal style. Even Korean fashion uses a lot of leggings ( leather, liquid, colored, ripped, you name it. K-Pop stars have worn in on their live performances and music videos ).

For today, I wore my very reliable and fave black cotton opaque leggings from Wolford and paired it with a graphic print tees. Graphic print tees have been very big in Manila street fashion for quite some time now. Is it because t-shirts are staples on tropical countries or what not?

No matter what you wear, it’s important that you are willing to show your personality. And most importantly SMILE. But once i a while, it’s okay to show your game face look in photos ala Naomi Campbell, Gemma Ward and Sasha Pivovarova. And it’s okay pose like a crazy glamazon ala Coco Rocha ( the queen of posing ).

Till the next pose and post!


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