Make That Shorties Work For The Weekend

“How time flies when you are with your friends” – a real proven cliche.

For this particular weekend we are supposed to go to the beach but it didn’t push through. Our plan B was supposedly to dine at Tagaytay, have coffee there and go home but we decided instead that was so time consuming and we will waste of time. So instead, we decided to dine somewhere near and have coffee afterwards.


We reminisce a lot and laugh a lot. We’ve talked about some people we hate ~ I know that is so shallow but admit it, you love to do that and laugh all you want and what really a coincidence is when you check facebook or twitter those people you hate have a status update or tweet. 😉

What’s really nice was knowing that I’ve known these people for quite some time now. To be exact, a year less than a decade. It sounds like we are so old now. Way before we’ve only been talking about vaccines, pathophysiology and NANDAs; but now we are talking about relationships, plans and getting old ( some even tried to be a matchmaker – you know who you are hahahaha ). We shared views about dating in general, like are you willing to date a foreigner and things like that. It was like a PG version of Sex and the City last night.

Since we decided to stay in the metro, I opt to go on a very breezy outfit last night. We are still in the middle of summer and the nights are hotter than ever. I wore the shortest shorts and paired it with a louse polo shirt from Maldita. No accessories added and to be honest I feel like so naked without one thing dangling from my neck or arm, but on the bright side I was happy I didnt wore any because it was so effin hot. So can you imagine me on a Saturday night without a hint of fancy accessory? Well it does happen. So my arm candy or arm party or what ever you call them will be on hiatus until summer is over. Didn’t I say before that white shoes are the thing during summer because once rainy season starts I dare that you wear your white shoesies.




Till the next pose & post!

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