Smile, Line, Classic


“Classic Lines” – simple and staple to any wardrobe. It is like the “black” of the prints.

Today is the second day of May. May has been so good for me so far. I even think that we will be the best of friends. Hahaha.

Speaking of friends and since it is a Thursday, I posted a “Throwback Thursday” photo in instagram. One of my bestest best friend who is now in Italy is featured on that particular post. I hope she reads this and remembers all my “pabilin” – Adidas by Jeremy Scott, bag galore, and French Macaroons. 😉 Honestly, I so missed her and all our chikahan moments. Too bad that I wasnt able to talk to her via Tango. That app is a pain in my ass but what can I do, it is still better than Skype and Viber.

Traffic’s too heavy right now. In fact I am writing this post while on transit. When I get home all I will do is run a shower then sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

Will.I.Am is keeping me company through this traffic. As of now, I am playing “Gettin Dumb” ft & 2NE1 ~ my fave track off #willpower. Hopefully, I will be able to do a review of that album. There are some runway worthy tracks from #willpower.

Till the next pose & post!


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