Preppy Isn’t Labourous


I think preppy look is the easiest style to wear, and you can easily match it with different styles. You can go ultra strict preppy, you can go to sweet preppy, or the sexy one, etc. Preppy style has become the “it” thing for streetwear as well. Even Japanese and Korean fashion have their own take in preppy. In my own opinion, English preppy is still the staple look, irregardless of season and year.

So as for the start of the month of May, I decided to go preppy with a little bit of twist. I wore a short shorts with my today’s ensemble. Maybe, I’ve been mising school so much and all of the sudden I’ve decided to go preppy today.

For today, I’ve enjoy my day. Aside from the fact that it is Labour Day today, I enjoyed the game “Swine, Shelter, Storm”. It is one hell of a game and a great group activity/ game. We can add the word “Shout” on it’s title because you will shout all throughout the game.

As a cap off for my evening and while finishing this entry, me and mom are watching “Mirror, Mirror” on HBO on mom’s bed with a box of J.Co’s doughnuts. Okay, carbs overload again. And I am very much against having a telly inside the bedroom (mom insisted & have installed it anyway, so what can I do?).

Till the next pose and post.


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